These latest pieces from my MEMORIALISING disease project continue to explore the forms of viruses and bacteria but this time in a more lighthearted way.    I’ve called them BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, DISEASE BOXES  to suggest that people don’t always take medical advice seriously.

In these works I  put small ceramic viruses and bacteria  inside curious old boxes.  To make the works even more eye catching I have decorated them with Cyanotype printed fabric or paper. Cyanotype is the first known photographic method so suits these largely ancient diseases.

Reading from the top left hand side:

  • Black Death with a rat with a smoking gun
  • Cholera with a breathing device
  • HIV & AIDS with satirical cartoon about the crisis in Africa – and a disco glitter ball too
  • Smallpox, although you can’t see it here, ceramic virus sewn into the side panels
  • Tuberculosis with a textile and embroidered pair of lungs
  • Influenza quarantine box


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